Deeply resentful

Indignation towards thee

Turned on forcefully

It stirs up anger

Eats up your soul and body

Brings life agony

Not a  solution

Nor your punishment but

A divine retribution


NaPoWriMo , HAIKU Today Tomorrow Day 12


Summer red roses

In the garden of lovers

Had thorns that prickles

Hold tightly your hand

End up losing in the end

Let thy be wild free

Soar, fly up high above the sky

Enjoy life spree

Light up a candle

Enlighten and guide each day

For you’ll not stumble

For the love that’s true

Cultivate, soar it up high

Will always be with you

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I’m in deep water

Totally out of my depth

Cold water my life  pour

Water under bridge

Like a dead water you keep

Still water runs deep

Your like volcano

I am like a calm water

Like life much ado

You quench my life

Thirsty in search you will find

Like cactus survive

You relaxes my senses

Give force and serenity

To life worthiness

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No matter distant

You seem a day dreamer

Felt fallen apart

Sweet truth you are thee

Pureza, flower blossom your dream

Waking up hurts flee

I badly need you

Cuts like a knife to my heart

Really hurts i know

Will eventually

Just a distant memory

Hard work will be worth it

Today, tomorrow fawry



Remember we met

A simple hi, simple talk

You could have just walk

But you stay and smile

Say you wanted more than hi

That started all

Why do people meet?

Accident or really meant?

Confusing or not

Sometimes all you can

Do not think, do not wonder

Do not imagine

Do not be obsess

Just take a deep breathe and faith

Everything for best

Like the sun rays

No matter how you hinder

Will light you and stays







Today clouds are blue

The stars dim and so blurry

Fell down on my toe

When the nights are cold

And the dim sky stars are few

Wish today unfold

I want to touch you

Close my eyes and think of you

Whisper I love you

Deeply fallen heart

Thy eyes are in silent tear

With a silent wish you’re here

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Today i rise up

Looked on you with the sunlight

You swept my feet up

Kiss  my forehead sweet

And my rosy cheeks gently

Red plum lips softly

You make my day shine

Hugs so warm and comforting

Colorful day exciting

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You came to my life

Knock the door capture my heart

Locked in your cage of love

I love your smile

Your eyes says you never leave

With thee I believe

You give me Almond

Our courage and love blossom

Like an Almond in bloom

As early as in Palestine

As late as England

But not like Phylis left Demaphoon

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You’re dream in my mind

Reason I’m trying to survive

Love nowhere to find

Thy heart buried thee

A tragic life so sadly

Longing to be free

You came to my life

Singing sweetly through the night

And Light to keep alive

I’m afraid of love

To fade and turn your back away

I pray God above.

Heart written in sand

Surpasses the wind and waves

Engraved in the heart

This love maybe hard

Life maybe bitter yet sweet

But never will i quit


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The sun shines down

Embrace the dusk until dawn

Rise up and be blown

Creepy dark nights brings

Night light, pillow and blanket

Armour your sweet dreams

Makes no morning scream